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X-rays are one of the many services that we provide for your four-legged loved ones at Affordable Animal Hospital in Whittier. Our caring and knowledgeable team strive to provide the highest quality veterinary services for our furry friends in the Whittier community.

The Use of X-Rays in Pet Care

X-rays are an excellent tool for diagnosing the extent of injuries or other health issues, for both people and pets. Whether we are looking for tumors or a swallowed chew toy, X-rays are an easy and pain free way to take a look at the internal structure of our pets. They can also give us a look at potential fractures or a combination of skeletal and muscular issues. They can also be useful in diagnosing organ diseases or irregularities.

What Do We Use X-Rays for Most Often?

Although X-rays have a wide range of uses, at our clinic we are most commonly looking for the following:

  • Breaks or fractures
  • Tumors or growths
  • Infections
  • Infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Lung or heart issues
x rays

The Benefits of Using X-Ray Technology for Our Pets

X-rays are fast, safe, and useful- providing valuable information for rapid and accurate diagnosis. The use of X-rays for diagnosis of health issues in pets is common practice, although it may require the use of mild sedation to help us get a clear picture. Some of the benefits include:

  • Immediate digital X-ray images
  • Faster surgery and treatment meaning less time for pets to be under sedation or anesthesia
  • Clearer pictures mean that our vets can give a rapid and accurate diagnosis

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Our team at Affordable Animal Hospital in Whittier are here to provide the highest quality service and care for your pets health and wellness. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pet!

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