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Vaccinations: Dogs

As loving members of your family, your dog requires protection from common illnesses and diseases. Getting your dog vaccinated will go a long way in protecting and maintaining their health and extending their life. Our dog vaccinations in Whittier are designed to keep your pup safe from many viruses and bacteria that are common culprits for many minor and serious diseases that could be dangerous to your dog’s health and long life. Such things as rabies and distemper or parainfluenza are all things that your dog can be protected from by having them vaccinated.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

Core vaccines are those vaccinations that create the foundation for a healthy life. The core vaccines are those that all dogs need for good health. These are:

  • Rabies vaccine: rabies is a fatal disease and vaccinating your dog against it is mandatory by the laws of California
  • Bordetella vaccine: helps to prevent or reduce the likelihood of contracting respiratory infections that can lead to serious diseases such as pneumonia
  • Distemper and parvovirus vaccines: these vaccines protect against potentially fatal diseases

Other Common Vaccines for Dogs

Other shots that will protect the health and well-being of your dog include:

  • Vaccinations against coronavirus
  • Vaccines that protect against hepatitis
  • Vaccinations for leptospirosis and parainfluenza

Common Schedule for Vaccinating Your Dog

  • Between six and eight weeks your puppy should be vaccinated for distemper, measles, bordetella, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and parvovirus
  • Between ten to twelve weeks your puppy should receive vaccines for coronavirus and leptospirosis
  • They should be vaccinated for rabies between twelve and twenty-four weeks old
  • Between twelve and twenty-four weeks your puppy should be vaccinated again for adenovirus and distemper, as well as for paravirus and parainfluenza
  • Rabies should be given again between a year to sixteen months old
  • Every two years afterwards they should be vaccinated against distemper, parainfluenza, adenovirus and paravirus

Will my puppy need more shots when they are older?

Our Whittier dog vaccinations do not last a lifetime, so they need to be continually updated to maintain the health of your dog. When a vaccine becomes ineffective after a few years, your dog becomes liable to contract or develop certain diseases that they would normally be protected against. Some breeds require a different schedule then others and this can be determined by our vet, so that your dog is always protected, and their shots are always up to date.

What else can I do to protect their health?

We provide many other services that will help to protect your dog’s health. We offer the following services for the care and protection of your dog:

  • Vaccinations that protect against parasites like ticks and fleas and diseases from those parasites
  • Other tick and flea remedies or solutions
  • Microchipping to ensure that your dog can always be identified, even without a collar
  • Services that protect against heartworm, which can be a fatal parasite
  • Deworming services to rid your dog of unwanted parasites that detract from their health

Vaccinating my dog at Affordable Animal Hospital in Whittier

It is vital to your dog’s health and wellbeing to have them vaccinated and to keep those vaccines up to date. Vaccinating your dog at Affordable Animal Hospital in Whittier means that the dogs in our community are protected from diseases and illness that could reduce not only their lifespan, but the lifespan of other dogs that could also contract those diseases from them.

As there is no cure for some of the diseases that vaccines protect against, it is necessary to ensure that those vaccines are received as early as possible, to prevent your dog from ever contracting a fatal and incurable disease such as rabies. Vaccinating your pet will give you the confidence that comes with knowing that they are safe and will lead happier and longer lives.

Our team of compassionate and dog-loving veterinary staff will help to ensure that your dog receives everything they need to be protected from the most common diseases, viruses, and infections. We will not only provide their core vaccines, but also a custom schedule of immunizations that will protect them regardless of their lifestyle.

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At Affordable Animal Hospital we strive to offer great service at prices that you can afford so that every pet has a chance to lead a healthy and happy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a checkup and to get your dog’s vaccinations scheduled and updated at our clinic in Whittier.

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