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Spay and Neuter: Dogs

As pet owner’s we all know the responsibility that we share in ensuring that our pets are spayed and neutered. Controlling the pet population is vital to ensuring that the needless killing of dogs is reduced and made unnecessary and that a healthy canine community is developed. In decades past there were never any truly humane ways of controlling the pet population, especially after pets became popular additions to families.

In areas where pets were free to roam and breed the pet population skyrocketed. Now we have solutions to help keep populations at a healthy and manageable number. Regulations such as mandatory spaying and neutering of adopted animals are also in effect to help us keep the number of unwanted animals in check. Not only is it important to regulate the pet population with spaying and neutering, but it is greatly beneficial to your pet’s health and wellness. Here at Affordable Animal Hospital, we have some of the best results and arguably the safest dog spay and dog neuter Whittier has to offer.

Reasons to have your dog spayed or neutered

Beyond protecting the health of your dog, spaying or neutering can help with behavioral issues that might arise due to reproductive hormones. Male dogs can be far more aggressive and territorial when they are not neutered. Spaying can also reduce the chance of developing certain cancers in female dogs and prevent uterine infections. It is also mandatory (with a few exceptions) in Los Angeles County to have your pets sterilized so that the pet population can be controlled.

What is the best age to have puppies spayed or neutered?

Spaying and neutering your puppy is always best to have performed around six months of age. This is especially important for female dogs, as it is best to have them spayed before they go into heat for the first time. It is also a good way to prevent them from developing aggressive or dominating behavior and will make them easier to train.

What do these sterilization procedures involve?

The two approaches are similar in their result, although they involve the removal of different reproductive parts. The main differences between spaying and neutering are:

  • Spaying your female dog involves an incision in the abdomen to remove their ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.
  • Neutering your male dog involves an incision at the base of their scrotum so that the testicles can be swiftly removed.
  • Both surgeries involve the use of sutures to close the incisions.

Spaying your female puppy has many health benefits.

There are many common health issues that can be avoided and other conditions that will have their likelihood of occurrence reduced once your puppy is spayed. Such issues include:

  • Unexpected impregnation
  • Certain tumors and cancers such as that of the mammary glands
  • Uterine infections

Advantages of Having Your Male Puppy Neutering

By having your puppy neutered, especially at a young age, you can avoid a range of health and behavioral issues. The likelihood of prostate cancer or testicular cancer is significantly reduced. Neutering is also a great way to:

  • Prevent your dog from developing unwanted behaviors
  • Reduce the likelihood of your dog becoming aggressive
  • Reduce the likelihood of your dog to experience the urge to wander in search of mates

Looking after your male puppy after neutering

Healing after being neutered is rapid, usually taking about a week for a full recovery. Our Whittier dog neuter procedure is so simple that it is very likely that you’ll be able to bring your puppy home the same day after surgery. During that first week your puppy will have a cone to keep his mouth and tongue away from the surgical site.

The puppy can eat and drink and follow a normal diet and routine with the exception that play should not be strenuous and running or jumping should be avoided. Playing with other dogs should be avoided, especially rough play. After a week they should be able to run and play like they want to without any worry.

Are there any risks involved with having my dog spayed or neutered?

Risks are minor and uncommon as these surgeries are simple and routinely performed. There are possibilities of reactions to the use of anesthetics but with modern techniques these are easy to avoid. Having your puppy spayed or neutered early helps them to heal quickly. Older dogs may have a harder time healing then puppies.

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