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Spay and Neuter: Cats

Our veterinary team at Affordable Animal Hospital is dedicated to protecting the health and wellness of our feline friends in the community. We strive to offer affordable prices and excellent care while sharing our belief in the importance of spaying and neutering cats. Our Whittier cat spay and neuter procedures are our safest and best option for controlling the feline population and improving pet quality of life.


What does it mean to have your Cat Spayed or Neutered?

Spaying and neutering, or getting your cat “fixed,” are very routine and simple surgical procedures that will prevent your cat from reproducing. If your cat gets spayed or neutered, then they will no longer be able to get pregnant or be capable of impregnating other cats. These procedures reduce the urge for cats to wander in search of mates and to mark their territory with smelly urine. Spaying and neutering tends to give your cats a happier home life and a more relaxed demeanor.

Why should I consider spaying or neutering my cat?

The health of your cat can be greatly enhanced by spaying and neutering, as many health complications can arise over the course of an unsterilized cat’s life. These complications include a greater risk of cancerous tumors in female cats as well as uterine complications and infections. Male cats are also much calmer and less prone to fighting and becoming injured if they have been neutered. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strongly advises the spaying and neutering of cats at a young age to protect their health and to prevent unwanted kittens. At Affordable Animal Hospital, we provide some of the best and safest results in our services for cat neuter Whittier has to offer.

What does neutering do?

Neutering your male cat involves surgically removing their testicles so that they are unable to reproduce. Removing the testicles also prevents them from experiencing the effects of reproductive hormones that would cause them to be more aggressive, to wander, and to spray. By no longer being affected by these hormones your cat will be more at ease at home and will not go out searching for females to impregnate. This reduces the likelihood of them acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and injuries from fighting with other males. They will still have their same unique personality, but they will be less troubling and more relaxed.

What do these surgeries involve?

Spaying and neutering involve different approaches that have the same results – cats that no longer have the desire or ability to breed. This prevents kittens from being born and potentially being homeless and having to be needlessly put down due to overpopulation. The main differences between spaying and neutering are:

  • Spaying involves an incision in the abdomen so that the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries can be removed.
  • Our Whittier cat neuter service involves a small incision in the base of the cat’s scrotum so that the testicles can be removed. This is the faster of the two surgeries and can sometimes take less than five minutes.

Are these surgeries safe?

The most common procedures that vets perform on a daily basis are spaying and neutering surgeries. These surgeries are incredibly safe and can be performed quite quickly with great precision. An anesthetic is used during the procedure for the comfort of your cat. In most cases you can expect to bring your cat home quite soon after surgery.

Your cat may need to stay at the clinic for observation if they are not responding well to the anesthetic. Our veterinary staff will provide you with care instructions for your cat that includes signs to watch for and how to help your cat to have a speedy recovery.

Caring for your pet before and after their procedure

Prior to surgery, our vet will have you some instructions for you to follow, such as keeping your cat inside on the night before the surgery and ensuring that they don’t eat anything after midnight. There will also be instructions for recovery care that will help your cat to heal quickly and easily. If your cat is experiencing pain or discomfort, then the vet will prescribe medication to help them get through the initial recovery.

Ways you can help your cat to safely recover

  • Keep your cat in a quiet space away from other animals or potential stress. This will keep their surgical site safe from injury by other pets.
  • Make sure that your cat avoids activities that would involve running or springing or pouncing for the first couple of weeks.
  • Keep them indoors during the recovery period.
  • Keep your cat out of water and do not give them a bath for minimally a week after the procedure.
  • Monitor the surgical site and their stitches. If the area looks inflamed or severely swollen, then contact our clinic immediately.

Why should I choose Affordable Animal Hospital in Whittier?

Our team of caring and knowledgeable staff have performed numerous spaying and neutering procedures. At Affordable Animal Hospital we aim to help the cats in our community stay happy and healthy as we help to reduce the pet population. Our great services are offered at prices that work for you, so that we can work together for the wellness of the pets in our community.

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